Television Shows You Can Get Renovation Ideas

Nothing beats a good television after a long day of work. And if you are planning to renovate your house soon, you may be lucky to get a lot of ideas from television shows that are home improvement themed.

 You can enjoy these reality television shows while getting ideas for your home renovation:

 Bravo’s Top Design

This is a television show where 12 interior designers compete to win cash prizes and designer showcases. Its first season was aired in January 2007 and was hosted by Todd Oldham. In every episode, there are two types of challenges. First, is the Pop Challenge wherein a designer can win immunity from getting eliminated. Second, is the Elimination challenge wherein the designers will be scored for their individual work. The one with the lowest score will be eliminated.

 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

This show focuses on improving houses for the less fortunate and is hosted by a well-known celebrity and model Ty Pennington. The production team of this show also works with a local contractor. A single project last about seven days and that is from interior to landscaping. The house is being renovated or rebuilt while producers pay for the chosen families’ vacation which being telecast as well.  One fascinating fact about the whole project is that the materials like stair parts that are maybe featured in and labors are being donated.

 Grand Designs

This is a British television show that focuses on architectural projects and hosted by Kevin McCloud. The show has aired a total of seventeen seasons with 160 episodes. In every episode, McCloud helps a client on brainstorming ideas and plan on the construction with the aid of computerized design. As soon as the project started, the host visits the place from time to time to check and note changes. The properties being shown in the show varies in design from any buildings constructed through sustainable architecture.

  1. Holmes on Homes

This is a Canadian television show that is hosted by long time TV personality Mike Holmes who rescues homeowners with their renovation nightmares. In every episode, the homeowner would give the detail on how everything happened. So, Mike will explain the things that the contractor did wrong and needs to be remodeled like stair parts that are seen in  At the end of the process, Mike and his team always complete the project with a lot of amazing twists.

 The Apartment – Design Your Destiny

This is a reality show where in nine pairs will compete in interior designing. The fascinating fact about the show is that none of them are interior designers. Each pair will design a room each week, and one team will be eliminated basing on a scoring system. The winner of the competition will be rewarded with a brand new two-story house.

These are just a few of many shows that are being aired nowadays where you can pick up great ideas for your home renovations. So, why visit an engineer or architect if you can enjoy television while learning from some experts?